Weekly Recap: What Do You Think Happens To The Data Tech Companies Collect?

data collected

If there’s something that you have probably thought about, it’s the question above. So much data on you is collected by various companies that offer different products and services.

You’d be surprised, even supermarkets collect data on what you buy through those loyalty cards. Anyway, it has recently come to my attention that tech companies are weird. Weirder than you think.

See, the data that they collect on their users, some of these companies put this data to use in ways that just leaves our jaws dropping. From sending private videos to strangers to asking for nudes from users and even a crazy company that stores deleted answers on an online examination tool – it’s all happening.

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In case you missed it

SWVL vs NTSA – Apparently, SWVL is operating illegally in Nairobi since they don’t have a proper license to use the routes they do. The NTSA wants SWVL to stick to existing matatu routes, SWVL wants to use optimized routes that serve commuters better. Who do you think will win this fight?

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Airtel Launched a TV Stream Service – It seems the new race is who can launch the best streaming service and Airtel has jumped on it. Known as Airtel TV, this service will offer viewers access to both local and international shows but before you get too excited, our perusal of the catalogue reveals a lot of Naija movies.


This Laptop Has Two Screens, Technically Three – We got the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo in the studio for a review and before you get to read the 1900 word article, the TL;DR is it’s crazy and it costs as much as used Vitz. If you’re feeling too lazy to read the review, just check out the article for the awesome photos we took.



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