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Samsung Electronics Announces New Smart Home Appliances in Kenya

Samsung Kenya black Friday
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More people are still trying to adapt the work-from-home structure due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the demand for smart home appliances has significantly increased as a result. Samsung seems to have replied to the demand by launching new smart consumer electronics products in Kenya.

Head of Consumer Electronics Division at Samsung, Sam Odhiambo said, “Smart home appliances make it easier for everyone from professionals to working mothers to maintain a happier, healthier home as they attempt to balance work and family life. As a result of consumer interaction and feedback in the Kenyan market, we have decided to increase the consumer electronics available to this market,”

These products include televisions, refrigerators and washing machines among more which Samsung assures will be available at various stores at affordable prices. According to Samsung, the main for this is to enable more users to experience what the brand has to offer.

The company also says that focuses on the needs of the customer when developing consumer electronics and this is reflected in the increase in demand for the same in the Kenyan market.

Samsung is not alone in this initiative as LG has also been making efforts to increase its smart home appliance portfolio in the Kenyan market. We have seen some of its latest Nanocell TVs released for sale in Kenyan stores together with a lot more products.

This was crowned quite recently when the electronics giant launched its first laundry cleaning store in the country. Hopefully, we’ll see similar stuff from other brands.

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