Weekly Recap: Killing in The Game and Killing in Real Life? And What Do You Call The PlayStation Buttons?


How Far Would You Go To Play Your Favorite Video Game?

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To a lot of people, the answer to this question is pretty straight forward and regardless of your response, I highly doubt killing your own father came to mind.

According to reports, a 25-year-old college student has taken the life of his father after a heated argument over the youth spending too much time playing PUBG.

This is not the first time Indian gamers have been on the spot for violence but that does not mean we should normalize the vice.

Raghuveer Kumbar, the perpetrator, reportedly had had a series of ugly arguments with his 65-year old father over his addiction to the game. But one that happened on Sunday ended up in the retired policeman losing his life.

According to the local police, Raghuveer cut off his father’s head and even chopped off one of his legs.

Sources state this was after the man was denied money to get mobile data and feed his addiction.

Now that’s scary!

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 Moringa School Fined For Unlawful Buyout

Popular coding school, Moringa has found itself on the wrong side of the law after the institution was fined slightly over half a million shillings for an unauthorized buyout.

The school was initially owned by two individuals, Audrey Patricia Cheng and Frank Collins Tamre. But in 2016, Audrey bought off Frank’s stake in the institution, effectively making it a sole proprietorship.

From the look of things, there’s nothing technically wrong with this, unless of course the fact that they did not have authorization for this transaction.

This led to the institution getting fined Kes.503,656 by the Competition Authority of Kenya for this illegal transaction.

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You’ve Been Using The Wrong Names For The PlayStation Controller Buttons

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You are aware of the PlayStation controller? Well, we have four prominent buttons; X O ∆ □. Naturally, we have been referring to them as ‘ex’, ‘oh’, triangle and ‘box’ respectively.

Turns out that’s not how Sony intended them to be made.

The makers of the PlayStation revealed that these buttons are actually named; cross, circle, triangle and square ??‍♂️

Seriously Sony, how does this make sense to you? Check out the drama that erupted after.

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