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Twitter Has An Instagram Account and It’s Probably The Best Troll Ever


Twitter finally got to creating an Instagram account. You’d think that like other platforms, Twitter would use this account to share images of their offices or something random but that’s not it.

Twitter took this opportunity to troll Instagram on their own platform. For the longest time now, Twitter users have always pointed out that memes and funny images being shared on other social media platforms originate from Twitter.

This is the wave that Twitter has decided to ride on, with their very first image shared on Instagram being a screenshot of the tweet, “Instagram is literally just screenshots of tweets and I think @Twitter should call them out.”

Twitter screenshot IG 1

The account, which has significantly grown to 600,000 likes within its short existence, has already been verified. Even funnier, the whole 24 posts on the account at the time of publishing this piece are literally screenshots of tweets – the bio of the account is, “screenshots of tweets”.

Twitter’s social media presence has been known to be very unofficial and open to trolling and this is the same vibe that the company has brought to Instagram.

On Twitter, the company ran a campaign where they would print interesting tweets from users on billboards across various cities in the U.S. and Europe. This seems like a continuation of such, but we’re not sure if Twitter is seeking permission from the users for the screenshots as they did with the billboards.

Here are some of the funny images we have seen posted by Twitter on IG:


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