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Twitter Prints Kenyan’s Tweet On Giant Billboard in Cannes, France

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Something amazing has happened over at Twitter and it feels like that’s the only platform that has been getting positive vibes of late.

One Kenyan tweep, @Kiritubobo, has gotten what most of us dream of, being on a billboard –  Okay, it’s not her face and she’s not being paid for it but Twitter put her tweet on a giant billboard in Cannes, France –  and that in itself is a pretty big deal!

The story starts back on March 19, 2019, when Ms Kiritubobo (we’ll call her that from now on, hoping that it’s not a catfish account?) sent out a simple tweet, sharing her dream of being on a billboard someday;

The tweet didn’t go viral or anything but it somehow got the attention of Twitter who, through their notification account, responded asking for her permission to put her tweet on a billboard in France, at that time her tweet only has 3 retweets and 4 likes;

Well, It’s June and you can guess what happened. Twitter actually put Ms Kiritubobo’s tweet on a billboard as they said they would.

Around 24 hours ago, someone (who seems to be in France) shared a photo of the said billboard being put up, tagging Ms Kiritubobo on his tweet;

The billboard is part of a campaign that Twitter is running to show its advertising prowess and the power of its audience. Ms Kiritubobo was lucky enough to be chosen in a move that might put her on the spotlight, we hope that the 4 days she gets being flashed around in France will bear fruits for her.

Out of excitement, she’s gone ahead and changed her Twitter name to “Your Billboard Girl” –  we all would and like everyone else in her mentions, we say congratulations Ms Kiritubobo!

But, don’t push your lack, we don’t think it works with this:

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