A Man Reportedly Kills His Father Who Wanted Him To Stop Playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

At this point, the gruesome cases revolving around the craze that is PUBG Mobile are getting numerous. But this is not that they should be expected or normal in any way. Well, months after some disturbing homicide cases had been emerging especially from the player community in India, another has emerged with pretty ugly imagery.

A report by The News Minute claims that a 25-year old college student killed his father in the most disturbing way after urging him to stop playing PUBG Mobile. Raghuveer Kumbar reportedly had had a series of ugly arguments with his 65-year old father over his addiction to the game. But one that happened on Sunday ended up in the retired policeman losing his life.

If you are one that is not into such kind of stories, you might want to leave this article now. According to the local police, Raghuveer cut off his father’s head in an ungodly hour and even chopped off one of his legs. Honestly, I’m getting disturbed even writing this.

Sources state this was after the man was denied money to get mobile data and feed his addiction. According to the inspector investigating the father had been trying to get his son off the game for months.

“Shankrappa (the father) was working in the police department. He had been trying to get his son off PUBG for months now. He had told his colleagues that his son was addicted to the game. Over the last few months too, he had advised Raghuveer (the accused) to stop playing the game but the boy did not listen to him. Raghuveer was not going to college and was also unemployed.”

This brings in some serious worries to what is happening to the players of this game as this has not been the first case we have written about. The incidents are rising and something needs to be done urgently. But all in all, players need to control themselves rather than relying on external forces to do so.

We call gaming an art, a passion and cultural phenomenon, which has brought millions. But such acts do bring shame upon the community and deserve to be condemned at the highest levels.

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