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Is It Cheaper To Cook With Electricity or LPG In Kenya? We Did The Math

Cooking Gas Kenya

With the current ongoing Russian – Ukraine crisis, the value of gas has drastically increased. The prices of LPG/cooking gas in Kenya has increased by almost 400 KES. This is according to the recent review done by Rubis Energy Kenya.

Other dealers are silently reviewing their prices as well. This has brought uncertainty amongst Kenyans as inflation means high costs of living which is already a problem that many are experiencing.

Now the million-dollar question is, is cooking with electricity cheaper than the current LPG prices? Let’s break it down.

Is Cooking With Electricity Cheaper Than LPG (Cooking Gas)?

According to Kenya Twitter user, Kiruti’s analysis, a 6kg cooking gas cylinder (retails for KES 1,560) has around 40h of use which is a 30 day month is 1.3hrs a day. Whilst an electric cooktop which averages around 1200W, with 1.3h per day usage, the units used per day would be 1.56 units.

This would bring it to around 46.8 units used per month. The cost of 1 unit currently is KES 15.15 which totals to approximately KES 710 per month. Clearly, it is cheaper to cook with electricity than with gas.

However, it does have its cons like in case there is no electricity, you won’t be able to cook. So you would probably have to refill the 6Kg cylinder for emergencies.

One user thinks otherwise too. He notes that it is important to consider the conversion efficiency of the stove used. The assumption in these calculations is that all the stoves have similar conversion efficiencies.

In short, every person has different consumption rates. There are those who can use a 6kg gas cylinder for 3 months while others use it for a shorter period of time say 1 month.

To ensure what method is better for you, compare your electricity consumption to gas consumption. It will better depict what to choose.

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  1. As for me , I think lpg gas is cheaper than any other cooking methods

    1. I want to believe that the person with the above conclusion (that electricity is a bit expensive than LPG) didn’t consider that the units they bought were used in other appliances in that trial month, eg TV, Radio lighting, charging etc.

  2. K-Gas 6kg outlet
    K-gas 13kg outlet ni how much

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