Samsung’s New TV Innovation In A Bid To Target Gamers

samsung gaming tv

Gaming has evolved and grown drastically in Kenya. According to a statistic report by PwC, the market value of social online games in Kenya has been rising from approximately $34 million in 2019 to $55 million in 2022. Estimates have shown that the number will increase by another 5% by 2023. These statistics have been greatly attributed to the pandemic where gaming became a fun group activity, especially for those seeking to connect with others. This has influenced the TVs that Samsung Electronics is bringing into the Kenyan market. This is in a bid to retain the top TV seller they have maintained for 16 years.

“Kenya’s gaming community continues to grow exponentially due to a soaring interest among the youth, as well as increased internet penetration. Samsung is bridging the gap between hardware and software for a better gaming experience with the 2022 Samsung Smart TVs, enabling gamers to instantly access the games they love from industry-leading content partners. Samsung’s Gaming TV’s display a wider scope of advanced features which are guaranteed for extra boosts such as frame-rate stabilization, optimizations, audio options, and more”, says Samsung’s Head of Consumer Electronics Division, Mr Sam Odhiambo.

Samsung Gaming TV Features
Convenient connection

Samsung included this unique feature where the TV automatically recognise a game console when it is connected and shows what kind of game console is connected and it can easily switch to that port any time it’s turned on.

Ultra-wide aspect ratio

Gamers can now enjoy gaming at 120 Hz with the ability to play games up to a 32:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio which allows gamers a wider view of their surroundings at once, making opponents. in-game items, and objective indicators easier to see while minimizing screen-panning.

Dynamic Black Equalizer technology

This feature works by analyzing a game’s dark scenes and detecting objects within them. It then optimizes the black levels helping to reveal the things that you couldn’t see before.

Optimized sound settings

This allows gamers to adjust to any type of game they choose to play for a whole new level of 3D sound realism.

AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology

The AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology prevents screen tearing and stuttering by syncing the frame rate of the TV with the GPU. In addition, the input lag has been reduced by more than 30% on average compared with earlier models, increasing the reaction rate while playing a game. Now gamers can enjoy effortlessly smooth gameplay on their Samsung TVs.

Game Mode

This Samsung gaming TV feature automatically sets necessary specifications such as picture and sound to optimal levels all while keeping input lag low. It also has an excellent native contrast ratio to provide a great darkroom gaming experience. Simultaneously, the Game bar offers the availability of information on things like refresh rate or VRR mode, FPS counters, wireless headset settings, and input lag monitoring. It also has a zoom mode option that can expand things like mini-maps and even the ability to pull up a YouTube video alongside a game on-screen.

Samsung’s Gaming features offer better, faster and more convenient access to all things gaming within Samsung TVs, including the 202 New QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, QLED and 2022 Smart Monitor Series, bridging Samsung’s hardware and software expertise for an optimal gaming experience. Samsung has ensured that its gamers will have a broad selection of games easily available regardless of the platform.

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