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7 Exciting Games for Android Users

7 Exciting Games for Android Users

Mobile games have become an extremely popular form of entertainment since almost everyone has a smartphone. Contrary to the opinion of many that such games are played mostly by children, there are many examples of adults prevailing among the players. Moreover, some of the games in our selection are designed exclusively for adults.


One of the most popular “battle royale” games of our time, setting trends in the genre. The key to winning in Fortnite is quick reactions and precise control while building shelters and shooting. Using a controller allows you to aim, shoot, and move with maximum efficiency, giving you an advantage over touch-enabled opponents. iPhone owners should not be upset, as the game is returning to this platform.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The iconic first-person shooter series has been reborn as a hit for mobile devices. This game is constantly being updated with new modes, maps, and content. But an external gamepad is essential for full control over shooting, movement, and gadget use, giving you an edge in online battles.


A sandbox game with limitless possibilities for creativity, exploration, and building incredible structures. Last year, the game became the first game in history to sell over 300 million copies. When using touch controls, many actions become tedious and uncomfortable. The gamepad allows you to quickly switch between tools, easily navigate your inventory, and effectively confront enemies. Bring the familiar game to Android and enjoy it to the fullest.

Dead Cells

In the world of mobile roguelike games Dead Cells stands out thanks to its stylish picture and exciting gameplay with elements of Metroidvania. Successful playthrough requires lightning-fast reactions, which are unattainable with touch controls. Grab a gamepad and immerse yourself in an endless cycle of challenges.


This is exactly the kind of game that can only be played by adults. And it’s not about the provocative plot or explicit images, but the fact that the game is gambling. But unlike boring slots or roulette, we are talking about a fascinating arcade, one of the representatives of the genre of crash games. As goes, games in this category are relatively new and have only recently debuted in Melbet Casino site & app, Parimatch Casino site & app as well as 1Win site & app and other well-known operators. But thanks to its amazingly interesting gameplay Aviator has become a real hit. This game is a pleasure to play even without the prospect of winning real money, which is what the demo mode is designed for.

Alien: Isolation

A hardcore horror game based on the cult universe of “Alien”, which awakens real horror. Here it is extremely important to constantly control the movements of the ruthless Xenomorph and observe complete silence. Touch control in such a tense atmosphere is unacceptable – only a controller will allow you to pass this stealth masterpiece with dignity.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

A new installment in the cult series of beat’em up games about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is a great example of the genre, reviving the spirit of good old arcade hits. For full immersion, you need a controller, which allows you to master combo moves and skillfully fight with enemies in the company of friends.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Legendary crime saga in an updated version for Android. Remastered graphics, improved lighting, and, most importantly, perfect gamepad support. True GTA fans will remember that the original couldn’t really work with two analog sticks. Grab a controller and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of San Andreas once again!

Mobile gameplay continues to evolve rapidly, offering ever deeper and more technologically advanced projects. But touch controls alone aren’t enough to maximize immersion in some genres. With a wireless gamepad, you can experience the thrill of exciting games while staying mobile.

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