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Top 5 Study Apps For iOS For Students

Top 5 Study Apps For iOS guest post For Students

Today, every student has a smartphone with the iOS operating system. However, young people have used their mobile devices only for communication and entertainment over the years. Many study apps make it easy for students to learn new skills these days. Explore a selection of the best educational apps for iOS below.

5 Study Apps For iOS For Students

 1. Photomath

This app helps to solve complex mathematical equations. All it needs is a mobile device camera and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Every student certainly understands such an assistant because no special knowledge and skills are required to be able to use it. Point your camera to the math problem, and get a detailed step-by-step solution. What else can this useful program do? 

✔️ Recognizes printed and handwritten text

✔️ Allows making changes to scanned formulas and equations 

✔️ Draw graphs

✔️ Solves linear, quadratic, and trigonometric equations 

✔️ Figures problems with roots, modules, fractions, integrals, factorials, matrices, and polynomials.

 2. Microsoft Math Solver

This program was developed by the Redmond company Math Solver. Like Photomath, it has become an indispensable assistant for students of mathematical universities. Now you can solve any problems in algebra, trigonometry, or statistics. Besides, this is not the whole list of mathematical directions that Microsoft Math Solver can handle. 

The app uses an OCR engine to recognize printed and handwritten texts. But in addition to detailed solutions and step-by-step explanations, the user also gets links to similar examples on the web. Also, this app is as easy to use as the Top Writing Reviews writing company.

3. Coursera 

It is a unique project in distance education that collaborates with the world’s leading universities. The broad coverage of the academic community provides students with more than 3,900 courses in various subject areas, ranging from exact sciences and information technology to social sciences (law, economics, and pedagogy). 

Thanks to this software product, students can take courses and pass official exams of such companies-vendors as Google, SAS, and IBM. In addition, the international certificate obtained on Coursera confirms their competence. The duration of each course varies depending on its complexity and ranges from 4 weeks and more. You can use this app in conjunction with Rated by Students writing review service for the best results.

4. Microsoft OneNote

This application allows you to create quick notes and organize information related to learning and educational processes. So, with the help of the program, the student can:

✔️ Make lesson and course plans

✔️ Keep track of homework

✔️ Handwrite

✔️ Draw charts

✔️ Make sketches

✔️ Save audio and video

✔️ Record lectures and notes

✔️ Structure class materials

✔️ Share information with classmates 

✔️ Work on graduate and research projects with other students.

Microsoft OneNote recognizes handwritten and typed texts and translates them into other languages, thanks to integration with Microsoft Translator. In addition, the application supports the synchronization of user data between different devices. It is also noteworthy that the program explains all the steps to solve a task aloud. 

You don’t have to worry if you like the app but are hesitant to use it because of privacy concerns. The program provides password protection for notebooks with confidential information. If you want to learn more about what things students value in mobile apps, you can read this article.

5. ABBYY FineScanner

ABBYY FineScanner is used to scan and recognize documents: copies of lectures, notes, essays, and other study materials. You can easily create PDF or JPG files from any printed documents due to this app. ABBYY FineScanner AI has built-in OCR technology, which recognizes texts in 193 languages, saves formatting, and outputs the results in 12 popular formats, including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and PDF. 

Students can transfer the finished documents to any eight cloud storage facilities, print them, send them by email, or open them in another PDF application. In addition, students can use BookScan to scan books and magazines. This program feature automatically separates a photographed book spread into two pages, removes defects, straightens curves of lines and pages, and makes a scanned copy that can be recognized and produce an editable file.

So, you’ve taken a look at a selection of the best study apps for iOS that will be useful to most higher education students in preparing assignments, study material, schedules, and solving complex problems. These programs can give young people the foundation to learn and even a little more throughout the year. True, it is also worth remembering that the individual and no one else makes the main contribution to the future.



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