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Here Are The New Exciting Features Coming To Twitter

Twitter New Features

Among the many social media platforms I enjoy, Twitter is probably my favorite. It is powerful in every sense of the word if you fully take advantage of its different capabilities. Additionally, Twitter does not shy from trying new unique features and updating the platform user experience. There were fleets, Twitter Spaces are getting more capable, and the company is now preparing a host of other features.

The New Exciting Features Coming To Twitter

Upload Videos at 1080p

Soon, Twitter will allow users to upload videos in high-resolution 1080p from the website. It’s testing this new feature, which is currently exclusive to Twitter Blue, their premium offering that requires a subscription fee.

Longer Videos

Everything comes around back full circle huh? TikTok recently announced their new update that lets users upload videos of up to 10 minutes. This is after an increase from the previous 3-minute videos. On Twitter, users are only given  140 seconds in length for videos. As sported, they are soon going the TikTok way by testing 10 minutes for video. So, we really are back to YouTube, huh?

Twitter Communities

This new one is likened to Facebook’s Group feature. So far, users have had to submit an application and wait for approval before being allowed to access the community feature. It will be possible, if/once rolled out, to access communities right from the app or website without that whole application process.


Audio has becoming huge recently, if Twitter spaces, Facebook audio rooms, and podcasts are anything to go by. Now, It looks like Twitter is building a tab dedicated to podcasts.

There is already a temporarily “version”, where you can record Spaces-but these expire after 30 days. A permanent offering in form of timeless podcasts like on Spotify and other platforms would be quite welcome. (Speaking as a podcaster myself here)

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