Apple’s Salute iWorld Partners with Badili to Launch Buyback for iPhones

Salute iWorld Badili Partnership

Badili, a Kenyan startup that just launched a buy-back platform for your old phone has started a trade-in program option for iPhone users. This will be possible through a partnership with Apple’s Salute iWorld, the leading authorized Apple reseller in Kenya. Salute has stores at the City Centre (IPS Building), Westgate, Garden City, Galleria, Junction, Capital, Yaya and Village Market.

Badili and Salute iWorld launch buyback for iPhones

The smartphone resale service on the Badili website allows consumers to get a value on their old phone and receive cash in return. It is a simple process availed through an evaluation form. The technology on their platform determines the perfect price for an old phone after a user fills out the necessary details. Additionally, the website allows you to schedule a pickup with Badili. After, the company sends a technician at your chosen location and time to pick up the device.

Badili Africa is now the official buy-back partner to Salute iWorld. Through this partnership, iPhone users will get a trade-in credit on their old phones. Once you sell your old iPhone, you will be able to use that credit towards shopping for a new one.

Badili is keen on technical assistance and evaluation during the resale process. On their website, a scheduled pickup is done by a technician to confirm the condition of the phone matches your online description. At the Salute store, a Badili technician will also be available to offer similar assistance. They will evaluate your old iPhone and help in the trade-in process for a convenient experience.

If you walk into any Salute store in Kenya, you should be able to get help from these specialists who have undergone training with Badili. You need to have proof of ownership of the phone through receipts, and mostly importantly your identification. In case you have the phone’s accessories intact, take them with you to be used during evaluation.

The resale process is a model Badili is using to revolutionize the commerce marketplace. Therefore, strategic partnerships such as the one with Salute iWorld will be pushing them ahead as Africa’s first “re-commerce” platform.

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