LG TVs Add Support For Google Stadia Gaming Platform

google stadia-LG TVs
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Online game streaming is one phenomenon that has been gradually seeping into the world over the years. The last two years have been particularly special with the emergence of services that are purely online and consoles that now demand the same. Well, it now looks like TV are coming into the fold and LG are among the first.

The electronics giant took to the stage at CES 2021 to announce that some of its 2021 TVs will support apps for playing games from Google Stadia right on the TV.

Stadia support is expected to arrive on these TVs in the second half of the year. The manufacturer also plans to have its 2020 TVs get Stadia but at “a later time”. However, it was not verified whether any other older TVs will be lucky enough to be eligible for the app.

“Supporting Stadia on LG TVs is our commitment that gaming is an increasingly important feature expected by our customers,” said Lee Sang-woo, senior vice president of corporate business strategy at LG Electronics Home Entertainment.

“Stadia is changing how people access their favourite games and by providing webOS compatibility, we are making an early commitment to the platform,” he added.

With Google Stadia, gamers can purchase titles individually or claim a regular library of video games with a subscription to Stadia Pro. Currently, it costs one $10 (KES 1,100) per month to subscribe.

The other service that was expected to be available on the TVs is Nvidia’s GeForce Now although LG said that is not the case.

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