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All You Need To Know About TCL TVs, Prices and Where To Buy Them In Kenya

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Here’s all you need to know about TCL, their prices and where to buy them. The TV business keeps on growing in Kenya and over the years a number of TV manufactures and distributors have joined the market, TCL being one of them.


TLC have a variety of products ranging from QLED, Android, and Smart TV’s. They also don’t shy away from resolution as they have HD TO 4K UHD TV’s with screens as large as 75 inches.

Prices: Android TVs

32″ – Ksh 19500. Model No. 32S6800
40″-  Ksh 30000. Model No. 40S6500
43″-  Ksh 33500. Model No. 43S6500
43″ – 4K Ksh 37000. Model No. 43M8
49″ – Ksh 44500. Model No. 49S6800
50″-  4K Ksh 48000. Model No. 50P8M
55″-  4K Ksh 57500. Model No. 55P8M
55″ – 4K Ksh 54500. Model No. 55P6500
55″ – 4K Ksh 59500. Model No. 55C8M
55″ – 4K Ksh 68500. Model No. C6 H/K Bar
65″-  4K Ksh 102000. Model No. 65P8
65″ – 4K Ksh 108,000. Model No. 65C8M
65″ – 4K Ksh 120000. Model No. C6 H/K Bar

The TV’s can be bought from their website, from Jumia or trusted retailers in the CBD

There’s been a lot of talk and speculation about these TV’s. Here are a few comments from Twitter


Visit TCL Kenya for more information.


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