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5 Most Expensive Kitchen Appliances You Could Own Today!

Most Expensive Kitchen
Image Courtesy Appliances Connection

When it comes to showing off, there is no better way to do it than to have guests over. Here are 5 of the most expensive kitchen appliances sure to amaze your guests.

Meneghini Arredamenti Refrigerator (KES 4,100,000)

Meneghini La Cambusa

Image Courtesy Daily Mail

This Meneghini refrigerator is huge in size and its price tag is also huge. However, this is sure to satisfy every buyer. You can get this refrigerator in flawless stainless steel, oak wood, and ash models. Not only does it look great it is extremely functional as well with its great storage space. Here’s what you get for the most expensive fridge:

  • Wooden exterior
  • Liebherr refrigerator and freezer system
  • Miele coffee system
  • Miele microwave oven and steam oven
  • Flat-screen television
  • Ice-maker
  • Temperature-controlled pantry
  • Storage space

Venus Century Espresso Machine (KES 2,000,000)


This Victoria Venus Espresso machine is very classy. This model was created to commemorate 100 years of Victoria Arduino. It is said that only 100 pieces of this elite machine was created, which is also why it is so highly-priced. This espresso machine knows how to do its task to perfection and thus this good-looking appliance will always present you with the best espresso you have ever tasted.

Sub-Zero Wolf Freezer Drawers  (KES 425,000)



Though these freezer drawers certainly are beyond the budget of most, if you can get it, you can be sure your food will stay fresh and your kitchen will look great. These drawers have been designed in a way to match your kitchen’s décor to perfection and will not distract onlookers as a standard freezer can. This innovatively designed freezer drawers help save space and can fit in your walls, beneath the countertops, and in kitchen islands. These accessible drawers are sectioned and spacious and make organizing food super easy.

Dacor Discovery WineStation (KES 529,900)

This kitchen appliance has a stainless steel façade and a wine housing chamber, the temperature of which is easy to control. Its open glass front has subtle lighting which helps you display up to four wine of your choice. Furthermore, it has an interactive touch screen that is a combination of simple aesthetic appeal and modern technology. Not only does the WineStation look very classy, but it is also of great quality and it can maintain your opened wine bottle for up to 2 long months.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0 (KES 330,000)

From creating shopping lists to coordinating schedules to playing your favourite song and mirroring your TV shows, the Family Hub keeps your life more connected than ever. The digital fridge comes with a lot of cool and futuristic features set to wow your visitors and jealous family members.

So, take your pick!


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