How To Stop All Promo Messages On Your Safaricom Line

Stop Promo Safaricom

After a long day of no texts from anyone, there’s nothing worse than seeing a promo message on your Safaricom line from the likes of Vooma or Betika. In this Article, I’ll show you how to stop those promo messages on your Safaricom line.

Unfortunately, I am not the only one going through this either.

Sometimes they go as far as showing up as pop-ups and they can be very annoying.

Honestly, the few messages I want to see are your account has been creditedand PEN53723 you have received… So to stop all the promo messages, here’s how you go about it.

How To Stop All Promo Messages On Safaricom

  • Dial *456#
  • Choose option 9: Stop
  • Select option 5: Marketing Messages
  • Select option 2: ‘Stop all promotional messages’

After this you will get a message stating that you have successfully blocked all promotional messages. It will look something like this:

Stop Promo Safaricom

Aside from the No Active Data Bundle Notification which we also showed you how to deactivate, this should also give you peace of mind. It’s that simple.

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