How To Stop Safaricom No Active Data Bundle Notification

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If you are a Safaricom subscriber, then it doesn’t take a lot to relate to the zero data bundle notification that we get every midnight. In fact, the reminder usually seems to come quite aggressively through a pop-up window that interrupts your screen activity immediately followed by an SMS from Safaricom.

According to many customers, the notification is also notorious for draining power through the night. This is mostly because the notification sticks on the screen and keeps it on until you cancel it. So if you fall asleep before it’s sent it could end up keeping your screen on throughout the night. Well, this seems to have pestered people too much forcing one to actually go on social media and ask for help on how to disable them.

There are two ways in which you can turn off these notifications but one would turn out to be quite risky especially for those cautious about their spending. This involves having more control over your data manager that actually helps in preventing one’s airtime from being consumed as data without consent.

Switching off Safaricom Data Manager

  1. Dial *544#.
  2. Select Option 4: Data (NO EXPIRY).
  3. Select Option 5: My Data Manager.
  4. Select Option 2: Don’t Browse without a data bundle.
  5. Reply with 2 to Deactivate the Manager.

The main risk with this is having your remaining airtime consumed whenever your data bundles are depleted and you still have the mobile data on. So, be sure that can afford to have the data manager off before taking these steps.

Alternatively, you could just switch off your Wi-Fi assistant.

Disabling Wi-Fi Assistant

  1. Go to your device’s Settings.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi.
  3. Below the Wi-Fi toggle is a button labelled Wi-Fi Assistant.
  4. Tap it then tap ‘Select best networks automatically’.
  5. This will direct to another screen with a toggle also labelled ‘Select best networks automatically’.
  6. Switch it off if it is on.
  7. You will then have to make sure your data is off every time at midnight so that the notification does not appear.

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  1. My fix, either lock your network to either 4G or 3G only…

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