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These Are The Top 5 TV Brands In Kenya

best tv brands kenya

There are many top-rated TV brands in the Kenyan market. Each brand identifies itself with a particular set of features that allows consumers to customize their entertainment setup fully. With a large number of brands in the market, it makes it harder for consumers to settle on a suitable choice. Now the great question is, what are the top TV brands in Kenya?

Top TV brands in the Kenyan market in 2022


Samsung has been in the Kenyan market for well over a decade and recently topped the global TV market for the 16th consecutive year with an increase of 19.8% in the market share. The No. 1 Global TV brand offers a combination of versatile, intelligent features and smart designs, which is based on Samsung’s vision for a new kind of home in which appliances are beautifully designed, flexible to fit every lifestyle and seamlessly connected for maximum convenience.


LG is another popular brand, especially for its midrange and flagship sets. LG TVs are known for their OLED panels that pack a punch- with excellent processing, deep blacks and vivid colours across the board. This makes the TV brand ahead of its game when it comes to top-of-the-line picture performance.


Sony is one of the longest-running Japanese TV companies that offer some of the most colour-accurate TVs you can buy today. With a smart TV interface, good HDR performance and incredible processing power, the Sony TV can be a bit pricey at times. It also has excellent gaming specifications, especially with the Sony PlayStations.


Hisense has been sneakily making moves in the Kenyan market. The Chinese-based electronic brand focuses on making midrange and budget TVs. Hisense TVs have decent black levels, sharp images and good colour balance. Just like many companies making TVs for the midrange market, the panels are a mixture of Mini LED, Quantum Dot and OLED which are decent and good for any use.


TCL is another TV brand that is widely known in the market. Despite being a brand producing mid-range TVs, its products provide value to the customers and include features like those on high-end TVs. This is a good option for users who are on a tight budget but still aim to get quality products.

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