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Clubhouse Finally Starts Testing Its Android App


Clubhouse has finally started testing on its Android app months after announcing its plans to work on it. Earlier this year in January, the company secured a second round of funding led by Andreesen Horowitz, which was then used to begin building the Android version.

The company has seemed to be sticking to its plans to this day and has started testing on its beta channel.  The details about this latest release were shared via a blog post, shedding light on some of the changes introduced on the iOS app. The post went further to reveal that it had started rolling out a rough beta version of its Android app to a few testers. This is as the firm plans to “welcome more Android users…over the coming weeks.” 

The hype for an Android version of the app was sparked by the growing number of users on the iOS version. In fact, the interest not only grew among users but also among other social media platforms. It only took a few weeks before the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram began developing their own Clubhouse alternatives. Twitter even took another step to try and acquire Clubhouse altogether when the firm was announced to be searching for funding.

So, this move by Clubhouse to extend to Android can also be seen as a strategy to gain more users as it prepares to compete with the new rivals.

As it stands, no details about the release timeline have been shared yet. But since it’s already available for some users on the beta channel, we expect a wider rollout in the coming weeks. You can learn more about the changes introduced in the iOS app by following this link.

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