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Twitter Reportedly Plans on Acquiring Clubhouse

Image courtesy CNN

It is now news that Twitter has been working on its own competitor to the popular social audio app Clubhouse. However, reports have been coming out claiming that the social network had planned to buy the rival altogether. This was reported by Bloomberg saying that Twitter held discussions with Clubhouse about purchasing the app for around $4 billion.

Unfortunately, the talks are reported to have stalled and it isn’t clear why. It’s also not clear about who approached the other with the deal, speaking a lot to how both platforms feel about the rivalry.

Coincidentally, this follows a previous report stating that Clubhouse is now looking to raise money at a $4 billion valuation. It is likely that the figure came out of the discussions with Twitter or that Clubhouse is shopping that amount of money around.

After its launch last year, Clubhouse has seen an incredible rise in popularity as users across the world embrace the idea of hosting live conversations. The fame particularly rose when big tech moguls like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg graced live host rooms for chats.

Since then, the usage has spiked and the app now boasts of more than 10 million downloads yet it is on iOS only. The app did confirm that it is working on an Android version that could launch this year.

This rise to the top has definitely attracted competitors with Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, LinkedIn and Slack all planning to have their own versions of it. Unlike Clubhouse, these platforms plan on having it as an in-app feature rather than standalone apps.

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