Samsung is Reportedly Working on A Smartphone That Folds Twice

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Review
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Despite being here for about two years now, foldable devices are a concept that still feels new and fascinating. But Samsung has certainly not been holding back on developing and improving this form factor of premium smartphones. The two previous devices, the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold 2, clearly showed that the tech has started to mature. No, there might be a new member on the way meant to change the game.

According to a report, Samsung might be developing a new foldable smartphone that folds twice. This is despite recent reports claiming a heavy chip shortage that is currently affecting the firm’s production. While we might not see a new Note smartphone, the foldable is in Samsung’s 2021 schedule.

This double-folding device is expected to join the Z-series alongside the Z Fold 2 and Z Flip, according to the report. The South Korean company has already filed multiple patents fro double-hinged designs thus pushing this speculation further.

As it still remains a rumour, no information is clear about the device that’s in the works or even if it will see the light of day. The concept, however, would not be too new as other firms like Xiaomi and TCL had shown their ideas off before. Unfortunately, those prototypes have never made it to the consumer market yet.

The report fromĀ Nikkei also digs deeper into the Note issue that Samsung confirmed last week. Reportedly, Samsung might be planning to replace the Note lineup with foldable phones in the long term. This would explain where the current push for making more Z-series phones. Nevertheless, keep in mind that none of this is confirmed by the brand itself.

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