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Here’s How You Can Confirm Whether Your LG Products Are Authentic

LG electronics Mobile Service Platform
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LG Electronics has today launched a mobile service platform meant to combat counterfeit LG products in Kenya. The customer-oriented platform is set to help consumers identify consumer products and validate regional warranty status. The service is scheduled to also roll out to other East African countries in the coming weeks.

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The product comes at a time when the use and sale of counterfeit goods in Kenya is surely at an all high. A report by Anti-Counterfeit Agency (ACA) released last year, showed that nearly three-quarters of Kenyans use fake goods. The statistics claimed that out of the 70% who use these products, 19% purchase them knowingly while 49.6% admitted to acquiring them simply because they were cheap. However, these goods have proven to be dangerous over time with malfunctions that expose consumers to risks like house fires.

According to LG, the roll-out of the mobile platform is part of a larger consumer education and awareness initiative by the company. The campaign, dubbed “I love Genuine”, meant to promote education on the true cost of buying feigned or sub-standard products.

The initiative also comes as a timely move by LG to join the global fight against counterfeit goods in the market especially now when e-commerce is digging deep into the electronics industry.

“At LG, we pride ourselves on continuous innovation and production of genuine home appliances that make life good for our customers. We are passionate about offering unique solutions geared towards our customers’ needs while placing their safety first. Improving our product quality management system is a never-ending process,” said LG East Africa Managing Director Sa Nyuong Kim.

With the introduction of this SMS validation system, we hope to not only enforce the need for quality products but also protect our customers from swindlers. We look forward to working with our customers and other industry stakeholders to curb this menace,” he added.

To verify the authenticity of the products all you have to do is:

  1. Get the full model number and suffix of your product. You can find this printed on either the product itself or the receipt.
  2. Send the number to LG’s free toll number 0700 545454.
  3. You will instantly receive a feedback message to inform you whether the product is registered with LG or not.

You should also note that the service is open to consumers who purchased any LG products from 2012 to date.

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  1. I want to if the LG washing machine that I bought is original product from LG

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