Samsung Says They May Not Launch A Galaxy Note This Year

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaked
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One of the biggest products that have pushed Samsung to the top of the smartphone market has been its flagship devices. The fact that the firm usually has two flagship lineups makes it even better for them and consumers. But it looks like Samsung is slowly giving up on the Note series after it was reported that it might not be making an appearance this year.

This was confirmed during Samsung’s annual shareholder’s meeting where co-CEO Dong-jin said that the company is struggling with a shortage of semiconductor chips. This shortage is then highly likely to force Samsung to not release a Note model as planned.

“There‚Äôs a serious imbalance in supply and demand of chips in the IT sector globally,” Koh said. “Despite the difficult environment, our business leaders are meeting partners overseas to solve these problems.”

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as the release of this year’s Galaxy Note was far from a sure thing. This was indicated by the integration of its key stylus feature into the Galaxy S21. This move sparked speculation that the Note lineup may come to an end. However, it had been reported later that Samsung was still planning to launch a new Note smartphone this year.

Trouble At The Factory

What is surprising though is the fact that Samsung Electronics, the world’s second-largest chip manufacturer, is having its own problems. The company had been forced to close down its manufacturing plant in Texas State. This was due to rolling blackouts that squeezed an already tight supply of chips that are still not up to full production.

This might necessarily be the reason why the Galaxy Note is a doubt. But it is likely to affect production at a time when smartphone and PC demand is spiking across the globe.

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