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Facebook Dark Mode Is Coming To The Mobile App

Facebook Dark Mode
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After adding dark mode to all their other apps, Facebook confirms it is testing the feature for its mobile app as well. As first noted by SocialMedia Today, Facebook has already made the dark mode available to a very small percentage of people globally.

Facebook Dark Mode

The mobile version of the dark mode introduced last month for desktop is “meant to cut down on glare,” particularly in low-light environments, the spokesperson said. There’s no timeline yet for when the dark mode will be available to all mobile users, however.

Here’s how it looks:

It is important to note that Facebook’s Dark Mode interface is not completely black. Just like Messenger and Instagram for iOS, it’s a grayscale design with white accents for logos and icons. This is sure to be a controversial decision among Facebook users.

Users will also be able to manually enable or disable Dark Mode via the in-app settings pane. There will also be support for adjusting the appearance based on your preferences. This means the app will automatically change its appearance to follow your Dark Mode scheduling.

The feature settings should also help you save up on battery life. It looks like a win-win for the company as all of their apps will now have a dark mode theme/setting.

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