Facebook Dark Mode Is Available For Everyone. The ‘Dark Night’ Rises!

Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook Lite got Dark Mode features a while back and now, long story short, Facebook Dark mode is now available for everyone!!

Facebook Gets Dark Mode and Here’s How To Turn It On

Facebook announced the “fresh, simple dark mode version of” is rolling out “to everyone around the world.” Once you’re using the new platform, click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner and click the “Dark Mode” toggle

Well, it seems that at least Facebook’s dark mode is here to stay. This is judging by a recent announcement by Facebook. A toggle has appeared in the hamburger menu, letting you make the switch.

We’ve grown since Facebook launched 16 years ago. We’ve built new features, optimized for new devices and operating systems, and expanded to hundreds of languages. Recently we’d focused on the mobile Facebook experience, and realized our desktop site had fallen behind. People need it to keep up.

Other apps in Facebook’s family have been more progressive in this respect. Messenger, for example, got a dark mode about a year ago, while Instagram jumped on the bandwagon in October.

  1. You can reduce glare with Dark Mode
  2. Find things faster
  3. Manage pages, groups and events easier

We’re not quite sure yet if the dark mode respects the system-wide macOS setting. Let us know down in the comments if you have access to the new design!

Facebook also suggests that you go to the Settings Menu and click Give Feedback to share feedback, should you have any.

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