You Can Now Make Skype Calls Without Signing In

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From the early to mid-2010s, Skype was the go-to app for everyone that wanted to make any video calls. But we can all admit that we’ve barely used the service since the rise of FaceTime and WhatsApp video calls. Now with the recent boom of Houseparty and Zoom, Skype is barely anywhere to be seen.

Well, Skype took to Twitter on Friday to remind the world that it still exists. It now seems that the app now has a feature similar to Zoom that doesn’t require you to have an account to make video calls. The feature, dubbed Meet is hopefully meant to attract back the masses. Skype tweeted the good news with a link to the service and a six-second looping video to prove the functionality’s existence.

Similar to Zoom, Skype Meet creates a link that you can then share with those you wish to converse with. But even though we cannot prove it, the feature has unfortunately been reported to not work instantly well as Zoom. This is what actually brings us to why Skype totally lost it in the video calling department.

According to various reports, its parent company Microsoft never really did a good job in the app’s general design. This also led to a misstep in the service’s market position when Microsoft took over it in 2011. True to it, you do find yourself having to navigate all through the interface not knowing where to call or set up your account or even which account to have.

As of now, we can hope that something comes out of the be announcement. As it stands, Zoom and Houseparty still dominate the market even overtaking the likes of WhatsApp and Imo that Kenyans loved to use for how easy they were to use.

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