Adventure Game Alto’s Odyssey Goes Free For Those in Isolation

alto's odyssey
Image courtesy Team Alto

The COVID-19 global outbreak has left everyone confined in their homes. But gaming also is out to the rescue, as developers choose to give away some of their video games without a cost.

This includes Team Alto who have now made their popular game, Alto’s Odyssey free for all iOS and macOS users. This also includes Alto’s Adventure that is one of the studio’s most popular games as well. Fortunately, Alto’s Odyssey had already been made free for Android users. More games like Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Origins have also been made free on iOS as they were already free on Android.

Other than Team Alto, other developers are also looking to making their premium games free for users. One would, however, wonder what other big games for PC and console are planning to do for the players forced to be at home all day.

Just like every other industry, the gaming world has also been impacted heavily by the current outbreak. But gamers will be glad to know that the PS5 is up for official reveal later today.

Apart from game developers, a number of tech companies have also been playing their part to curb the spread of the virus. Google has promised to continue taking down posts on YouTube that spread false information. The same also goes for the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Locally, telcos are stepping up to offer the best experiences for their subscribers. This includes double internet speeds as well as free mobile money transactions.

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