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Samsung Launches New 4K Crystal UHD Smart TV in Kenya

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Samsung Electronics now looks to add its portfolio of television screens in the Kenyan market after announcing the launch of a new TV model that will be available in 6 size variants. Dubbed, Crystal UHD(Ultra High Definition), the TV will be an additional entry into the world of 4K TVs that have not been as popular in the Kenyan market as expected mostly because of the huge prices.

This comes as more companies also continue to bring in more 4K TVs in the Kenyan market as the world awaits 8K TVs to become more common across regions and brands.

The Crystal UHD TV is powered by Android, therefore, running on a number of Google services including Google Assistant voice control.

With a 4K almost bezel-less display, you would obviously expect for the image quality to spot on compared to any other screen with a lower resolution. The Crystal 4K processor under the chassis is tasked with bringing out the decent colour, high contrast ratio as well as HDR support. Users will also be able to watch multiple contents on one screen thanks to the MultiView feature.

The TV also offers Game Enhancer, a feature meant to optimise the screen so one has more control with minimal input lag. This is set to give gamers a flawless graphical quality with barely noticeable visual glitches.

According to Samsung, the Crystal UHD TV is already available at various stores and retail online pages in 3 size variants. The 43-inch model goes for KES 47,955, 55-inch selling at KES 68,795 and KES 117,995 for the 65-inch. There are three more variants, 50, 75 and 82 inches that are set to hit shelves soon and their prices announced then. You should also note that all thee models come with a one-year warranty.

“Samsung TV has been constantly paving the path for technological innovations by offering consumers a new TV experience and a future for the global TV industry. This is the core driving force that makes Samsung No. 1 TV for 14 consecutive years. Crystal UHD builds on this success in ways that people will truly love.” said Dudu Mokholo, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Central Africa.

It does not take away the fact that we still want to see Samsung and its rival brands start to bring in 8K QLED TVs in the Kenyan market especially at a time when football is coming back and gaming set to evolve.

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  1. Its good news for the lauch of new tv, but the crystal UHD Samsung Tv has poor viewing angles, it does not support HDR10+, the black levels are not impressive having a cheaper tv offering more vivid pictures. It does a good job in sound though its not the best in the market. Overall i thing its a decent Tv for your money.

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