Exclusive: Safaricom Doubles Home Fibre Speeds For Current Customers

Safaricom Home Fibre
Image Courtesy Safaricom

The current COVID-19 situation has the world on its knees with the number of cases rising every now and then. Kenya just officially had its seventh case of the virus. And with the current speed that it is spreading, we are all encouraged to do our best in fighting it.

This has forced employees mainly in Nairobi to adapt to the work-from-home structure. Fortunately, though, it seems a number of companies including telcos are willing to make people’s experience much better.

Just the other day, all the mobile money platforms waived their transaction charges for the next three months. This is in a bid to enforce the government’s wish to reduce direct cash transactions.

Safaricom Home Fibre

Now, Safaricom has more great news for its mobile money and Safaricom home fibre users. The company will be doubling its internet speeds for all its respective Home Fibre packages. This is of course at no extra charges, meaning you will continue paying your normal fees but for a much faster connection.

5Mbps users will now have 10 Mbps and 10Mbps double that and so on. This is obviously a goodwill initiative for many workers who are currently working from home and might need better internet connection than what they have.

Zero Rated Medical Paybill

Furthermore, all hospital paybill transactions will be totally free of charge no matter the amount. This is different from yesterday’s news but still better with the medical sector now busy trying to fight the coronavirus to the best of their ability. This will apply for both private and public hospitals as well as clinics.

The above-mentioned changes take effect immediately and will run until further notice, according to the telco. All in all, it will be great news for all users.

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