Safaricom M-Pesa Struggling With Glitches


Safaricom is currently experiencing service interruptions with a subset of PayBill payments. The company responded to the issue and assured customers that their technical team was working to resolve it. Once regular services are restored, customers will be notified.

Off late, Safaricom’s mobile wallet M-Pesa users have been experiencing intermittent disruptions in their PayBill transactions. Although Safaricom is working to resolve the issue promptly, they have yet to reveal the details of the issue. They have assured users that their technical experts are on the case. In an official statement, Safaricom apologized to its users and assured them of progress on the situation.

Two weeks ago, M-Pesa transfers encountered a problem, leading to Kenyans sharing memes and funny stories on Twitter. The inconsistency in the services provided by M-Pesa has become increasingly apparent as this mobile wallet service nearly dominates the market. Although the number of fintechs in the market continues to rise, consumers still don’t have many options.

Safaricom, on the other hand, has pledged to provide regular updates on the progress of restoring PayBill services, keeping users informed while the technical team works to resolve the issue.

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