Exclusive: Uber Eats Raises Their Delivery Prices in Kenya

Uber Eats

It came as a shock to me when I ordered food from Uber Eats last night only to find out their prices had increased. I was so used to paying the regular 50bob at checkout but the tables have turned.

Uber Eats Raises Their Prices


The fast-growing online food delivery service, launched in 2018 has doubled its prices from 50 shillings to 100 in the last month. Speculation suggests that the economic constraints of the world have led to a price increase around the world.

Just recently, Uber increased its prices on a global level. Uber will probably bring in the same changes they have updated globally. It’s estimated that ordering close by will range from kes 200 to kes 300, while longer distances will fall in the kes 600 to kes 800 range.

Uber Eats

The changes will also allow Uber Eats customers to set a “max booking fee,” which lets users set the limit on what they’d spend on delivery. The app then filters out any restaurant whose delivery fee wouldn’t fall within that range.

This comes after Glovo also took a turn in 2020. Glovo is a delivery app that has been in Kenya for a while now. In an email sent to customers, Glovo alerted them that as from 2020, Glovo delivery fees will change. Glovo previously charged users a standard fee of Kes. 50 with occasional surge pricing in case of bad weather.

We’ve also done a comparison of Glovo, Uber Eats and Jumia Food looking at which one is the cheapest.

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