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Own An Old Tablet? Here’s How You Can Use It In The Kitchen

Old Tablet Kitchen

Lots of people have old gadgets dumped in a drawer in their homes. One of the handiest ways you can use your old tablet is using it in the kitchen as a kitchen tablet. The kitchen tablet is a good helper in the kitchen. It can help you in a number of ways like looking up recipes. Here are ways on how you can maximize on your old tablet in the kitchen.

Looking Up Recipes

There are millions of recipes on the web and that can be accesed by doing a quick search. You can also store your recipes, there is no need of damaging that cook book that travelled through family for generations. Your memory alone isn’t the best way to store information and using pen and paper is not an eco friendly route. That’s where the tablet comes in.

Converting Measurements

Ever found a recipe but got discouraged to try it out because of the metric system? This is where the tablet comes in handy. By installing a unit convertor, it will make cooking less tedious. No more worries about making innacurate portions, how many milliliters go into a cup or how many milliliters fit on a tablespoon.

Setting Timers

There are a number of recipes that require exact cook time or the whole recipe will fail eg. cake or souffles. You can use the tablet to set timers. This can prevent having to look at the clock all the time or even forgetting how much time you have left.

Watch Cooking Shows/Tutorials

At times, it is better to have a visual step by step of a certain recipe, recipes can get confusing. This can be quickly solved by watching a cooking video. You can also get creative in the kitchen and seek inspiration by watching a cooking show.

Listening To Music

The kitchen can get a bit intense, lighten up the mood by playing tunes from Spotify.





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