Finally, The Dark Mode We Have All Been Waiting For!

Whatsapp Dark Mode
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The dark mode is the new kid on the block and almost every single app is adding this feature to its catalogue. Phones are now rolling out with system-wide dark mode features and apps are accommodating these features. Recently Instagram released the Dark mode feature and it was well-received. It was only a matter of time before WhatsApp picked up this trend as well.

They recently submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to 2.19.3227. WhatsApp could be running Dark mode sooner than you think.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

This popular app is used by millions around the globe to connect with their contacts around the world. The dark theme is a simple solution to potential eye strain by inverting colours.

The feature is currently not available but in it’s testing phase. They want to make sure you get the best bug-free experience. Whatsapp recently rolled out a Dark Splash Screen in the 2.19.311 version. The update also included dark text bubbles but that was as far as they went. According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is now working on a Dark Default Wallpaper based on night blue colours reminiscent to Twitter.


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Whatsapp has made several changes including its dark theme in the past few beta updates but it is yet to officially release it. This messaging application has also tweaked the text colour and the lock icon in-text icons for better visibility.

“Be patient to see it out. Hoping it will be full OLED friendly for Android phones, iPhone X and newer.”

WABetainfo revealed on its Twitter account.

When the feature is rolled out, it will be a theme option in the ‘Settings Menu’ to toggle dark mode. It will include Light theme, Dark theme and System default. The light theme is the normal theme we have now, the dark theme is the dark mode and the system default will detect what theme the phone is set to.

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