Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Impressions – Loveable and Better Than The Fold

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  1. I bought it around 50,000 Kes in India.

    1. You are lucky. At that price, its worth it.

  2. Well, it’s now under 600USD so it’s what’s your opinion about that one too.

  3. I think the best thing to do is to always remain patient and not rush in for latest smartphone releases since prices at those times are way higher.
    So I always prefer to buy after about 6months after release.
    So you can imagine the price I’ll be getting it.

    The Samsung, or iPhone or Huawei all have their downsides as well and it could be in the hardware or anything at all.
    Me for instance I don’t like Iphones all because it’s like being in chains. Oh yeah. My taste will forever be Android until a better OS arrives. This OPPO phone givea me all I want and the screen is also good. One particular phone will always have the best display, but am not getting the Samsung cos I also have my reasons. 😂

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