Airtel Ads Launched to Achieve Effective Advertising Reach in Africa

Airtel Ads Launched to Achieve Effective Advertising Reach

Airtel Africa has launched Africa’s first integrated Demand-Side Platform (DSP) called Airtel Ads. The platform enables advertisers and agencies to efficiently manage, purchase, and optimise digital ad inventory across multiple real-time ad exchanges.

Airtel Ads, powered by, is a platform designed to simplify purchasing advertising space for media agencies and businesses. This feature combines various tools and functionalities into a single platform, enabling advertisers to make informed ad placement decisions. It provides a comprehensive solution for digital advertising management.

The platform will use Airtel Africa’s vast customer base, which comprises more than 150 million customers. It will utilise data from both telecommunications services and mobile wallets to target digitally engaged individuals and those traditionally excluded from the digital realm due to their use of 2G and feature phones. Additionally, the platform can reach users on various devices through the integrated Airtel Voice Reward Ads.

Airtel Ads is a platform that addresses organisations’ current limitations in ad performance. It aims to achieve this by seamlessly merging all ad networks with Airtel Africa’s first-party telecommunications data. The platform offers a unified advertising platform with precise audience segmentation, access to a dedicated marketing team, data analytics, and post-campaign support. It also provides native language support and access to 260+ bidding parameters. AI-based brand safety tools power the platform and accept payments in local African currencies.

Per the Telco, the platform has achieved a weekly audience reach of 27 billion impressions. It receives 23.5 million in-app daily impressions and over 200 million daily SMS notifications, with the potential for end-of-SMS tag messaging.

Speaking on the launch, Airtel Africa’s Chief Commercial Officer, Anthony Shiner said: “We are excited to introduce Airtel Ads in Africa. This innovative platform will support advertisers and businesses to gain unprecedented control over their marketing campaigns, leveraging Airtel Africa’s extensive customer base and world class technology. Airtel Ads is a testament to our leadership in shaping the communications landscape in Africa, ensuring businesses are supported to achieve their objectives using data first tools to inform their business decisions.”

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