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Some of The Best Microwaves You Can Buy In Kenya for Under 20K

Microwaves in Kenya

Choosing among a myriad of microwaves available in Kenya can be quite the task. However, getting the perfect microwave is a dream come true in most homes. Getting that seamless look in your home with all your appliances always looks better than most. In this article, I’ve looked at the glass back microwave oven grills that still look great at an affordable price. They range from different brands and it’s up to you to pick the one that suits you.

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Best Microwaves in Kenya Under 20K

LG Neo Chef Microwave

LG Microwave

The LG Neo Chef has Smart Inverter technology. It allows for flexibility when selecting the power level at the start of the cooking process. The NeoChef microwave ovens use an uninterrupted linear supply of power to more evenly cook, reheat or defrost food. The NeoChef range also boasts 1200-watt maximum power to cook dishes more quickly than lower power models.

With just one appliance, you can warm, fry, defrost and cook. From delicately proofing yoghurt to melting chocolate, to popping your corn, the LG Inverter microwave is a versatile cooking solution. The design also gives it that premium look, with the black and digital aspect blending well together.

Price: KES 19,495

Mika Microwave Oven

Mika Microwave


This can microwave can hold 20 Liters and has digital Control. It also features 10 Power Levels & a 12 hour Clock System, Digital clock,  Safety Child Lock and a durable glass door.

Price: 7,500

Armco Oven Grill

ARMCO Microwave

  • 20L
  • Digital Touch Control
  • 1000w Grill power
  • 99.99 Min Timer
  • Speedy Defrost
  • Multi-Stage Cooking
  • Auto Cooking Menu
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Cooking End Signal

Price: KES: 11,495

Ramtons Grill Black

Ramtons Microwave

  • 25 liters
  • 1000W (Grill)
  • 900W (Microwave)
  • Weight defrost
  • 95 minutes digital timer
  • 8 auto menu
  • 5 power levels
  • Multi-section cooking
  • Cooking end signal
  • Child safety lock
  • Pull handle

Price: 12,495

VON Microwave-Oven Grill

VON Microwaves in Kenya



  • 30L Grill
  • LED display
  • 10 Auto cook functions (Reheat, Milk/coffee, Potato, Fish, Popcorn, Spaghetti, Rice, Chicken, Skewed meat, Beef/mutton)
  • Stylish jog dial
  • 8 buttons (Microwave, Weight adjust, Grill, Combination, Auto defrost, Clock, Pause/cancel, Start/Quick start)
  • Child lock function
  • Grill plate provided
  • Black finish with silver jog dial, handle & buttons

Price: 14,660

Samsung 40L Microwave Oven Grill

Samsung Microwaves in Kenya


  • Various Cooking mode: Yes
  • Grill Heater: Yes
  • Max Cooking time: 99 minutes 90 seconds
  • More/Less: Yes
  • Cooking Stages: 2 stage
  • One Minute/30 sec plus: 30 seconds +
  • Auto Cook: Yes
  • Reminder end signal: Yes
  • Setting (My Choice)
  • Sound Option: Yes
  • Child lock: Yes

Price: KES 19,548

The list will be updated as we come across more microwaves available in Kenya.** Fell free to suggest one you think should be on the list.

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