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5 Best Google Chrome Extensions To Install In 2023

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Google Chrome over time, has given its users limitless ways to improve their Chrome experience with the help of browser extensions. There are hundreds of Chrome extensions that can help you with almost anything, from improving security while browsing to correcting your grammatical errors. Here are the best Chrome extensions that are available and you should have installed in your browser.

HTTPS Everywhere 

Browsing the internet can get risky by finding yourself visiting suspicious sites unknowingly. Your data could be harvested at any point prior to your knowledge. This is where HTTPS Everywhere comes in. The Chrome extension allows you to switch any website that you visit from ‘http’ to ‘https’ which means that it’s encrypted and more secure. Browse assured that your personal information and data are secure and unlikely to get malware on your computer while you’re online.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is amongst the most popular ad blockers, with extensions available for browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge and Opera. This extension has a quick setup and a filter list that allows users to block most ads as well as the option to filter malware and social media buttons. Users can also whitelist their preferred sites to keep their ad revenue bag full.


For those who constantly have typos, this one is for you. Grammarly is a spell and grammar checker for all your writing needs. It’s worth the install for the extra check on every word you write in your browser, from emails to social media and more. The extension can also suggest the rephrasing of some of your sentences to make it look more professional. It even has a dictionary function, so that when you double click on a word, you get a definition or a link to something related to the term.


This extension is assured to help you increase your productivity by using the Promodo technique. This technique is meant to make you work for 25 minutes, break for 5 minutes, then start it all again. It makes you stay focused on a pleasant way. For those who have a hard time staying focused for too long like me, this is one method that helps you not get too burnt out.

Forest is unique where, as it counts down, it grows an animated tree as long as you refrain from visiting sites you’ve blocked. By the end of the day, you have a whole forest.

Tab Suspender

Most, if not all of us have multiple tabs open at once and it can get infuriating and stressful which can ultimately slow down Chrome. Tab Suspender is here to rescue you. The extension automatically suspends any open tabs after a set amount of time to keep things running smoothly.

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