9 Amazing Things You Can Do With Go Pro Cameras


Go pros have gotten very popular in recent years. This is mainly due to their compact size, which makes them very versatile. Besides being small and lightweight, they also produce high-quality footage and pictures better than a smartphone camera. Here are some amazingly cool things to do with Go Pro Cameras.

Amazing Things To Do With Go Pro Cameras


If you are a beginner Vlogger and are looking for a camera that can offer better video and audio quality than a smartphone camera, the go pro might be the one. The camera in smaller size and lightweight making it even easier to hold while vlogging. If you drop it while vlogging, it is less prone to damage due to its lightweight and rigid body.

Dashcam/helmet cam

Due to its compact size, a go pro can be used as a dash cam in your car or a helmet cam on a bike. If you are using it for this purpose, it is advisable to use lower-quality settings to avoid filling the SD cards up quickly, especially if driving or riding long distances. The footage from the camera can be useful in case of an accident or something.

Recording underwater footage

Go pros are usually waterproof. This means you can use them in a swimming pool to take some cool underwater footage and pictures. Divers can also use them to record in deep oceans. Being waterproof also makes them useful in bad weather conditions like rain.

Shoot Timelapse

Due to their small size and rigidity, go pros can be placed anywhere on a rock, a tree, or even a roof to film some cool timelapse without fear of breaking them. They also shoot high-quality footage of up to 6k.

Filming in small spaces

Go pro usually comes with wide-angle lenses. This, combined with the fact that they are small, makes them very useful for filming in small spaces where a normal huge camera would struggle. Their small size makes them useful for capturing different camera angles in tight spaces like an elevator.

Filming POV shots

If you want to record some cool POV shots of actions like driving, riding a bike, or even walking, the go pro can do that perfectly. You need to hold it with your mouth if recording over a short period or attach it to your face with a rubber band if recording over a long period.

Filming adventures

If you are going on adventure activities like hiking and you don’t want to carry your heavy camera, then a go-pro is what you want. Its small size makes it easy to travel with and pocketable when not in use.

They don’t require professional knowledge

Go pro is mostly made for the mass market and therefore doesn’t require much knowledge. You can switch on your camera and press the record button, and that is it. However, if you are a professional, you can still adjust your settings to your liking.

Upload footage direct to the cloud

Unlike most cameras, where you have to transfer the footage to your computer first to back it up to the cloud, you can just upload the footage directly to the cloud with a go pro. All you need is just a Wi-Fi connection.

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