Low-Light Smartphone Photography: Quick Tips For Shooting Like A Pro

low light photography tips

As easy as smartphone photography can be, shooting in low light can get challenging. Trying to get the perfect shot in a dark area can lead to multiple failed attempts, leading to frustration. The images could turn out too dark, blurry or grainy. Luckily, there are several low-light photography tips you can use as a guide for your next low-light shoot.

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Use a tripod / hold your phone steady

When taking photos in low-light conditions, the camera has to use a lower shutter speed to allow more light in to create a well-exposed shot. However, the problem with this is that if the camera moves in the slightest when taking a shot, the resulting image will be blurred. Therefore, it’s important to stabilize your phone. Either hold the phone tightly or use a stable object like a tripod. This will help in capturing a better and sharper shot when shooting in low-light conditions.

Use a low shutter speed

When taking photos in low light, make sure to slow down the shutter speed. This helps in collecting more light from the view and the more time the shutter will take to close, the more ‘light’ will be able to gather to the sensor. Also ensure to have a wide aperture so that the subject exposure will be adequate.

Use flash…sparingly

Flash has always been there to give our photos a better result. However, it’s not required to be used all the time. In low-light photography, whatever you are shooting determines whether you will be using flash or not. There are instances where it’s pointless like when you wish to click a faraway subject, working with flash for low light iPhone photography can be unnecessary.

Use HDR to get detail

With the advancements in smartphone camera photography, you can get shots with the finest detail. Something that was hard to achieve years back. One of the best features introduced is HDR. This helps you highlight the details of what a normal camera can miss. With the HDR feature, you will be able to shoot the best quality, low light photo detail.

Don’t Zoom

Using the zoom feature is close to useless if you want to take that great shot. All your camera is doing is giving your photo a grainy look as well as reduces resolution than the original. There is a photography saying: “zoom with your feet” which means if you need to get a better look at your subject, move closer. If you can’t move any closer, it’s best to crop the picture AFTER capturing it.

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