How To Order From Shein And Get Free Shipping In Kenya


Did you know you can ship your orders from Shein and get free shipping in Kenya? Let me explain. Shein is a pret-a-porter brand that is designed for the fashionista on a budget. On Shein, you can buy all kinds of clothing like blouses, shirts, pants, swimwear, bags, shoes….you name it. Shein delivers to a number of countries around the world and in our latest discovery, Kenya was one of them. AND IT’S FREE! However, this is possible if you follow some guidelines. This article will give you a step-by-step on shipping from Shein to Kenya at no extra cost.

Step 1: Open a Shein account

Go to the official Shein website or download the Shein app from App Store or Google Play Store. You are required to fill in your email address and password only. Alternatively, you can register through your Google, Facebook or Apple accounts. Creating an account is FREE. However, you will be required to enter your contact information and delivery address when you make a purchase.

Shein Register

Step 2: Search for items to purchase

Now this is where the work comes in, Shein offers a wide range of items for women, men and kids. There are 2 ways to search for products: using the search feature and searching by category. The user is able to filter the search by category, size, color, material, pattern type etc.


Step 3: Select the product(s)

Now that you have found the product you wanted, select it. Now this is where free delivery comes in. To be eligible to get free shipping, your order should be $129 and over. That’s literally the catch. To some it may be a hefty amount. To pay cheaper, order items with your friends so that you can split costs. Shein Shipping

Another way to get free shipping is taking advantage of Shein’s Free Delivery Sundays. They also randomly give out free shipping codes, so be on the lookout.

Step 4:Read the product details and description

Make sure you read product details, descriptions and reviews to ensure that you get the best quality for your product. Ensure the product has more positive reviews than negative.

Shein Reviews

Step 5:Checkout and enter your shipping address

When you are ready to checkout, you will be required to enter your shipping address. That is where you would like to get your product(s) delivered. This is where shipping companies come in. Remember I said you will get your products delivered to you for free, I meant it.

By adding your EXACT street location of where you would like to get it delivered eg. 2nd Floor, 123 Apartments, ABC Road, Nairobi, Kenya, Speedaf, a logistics company will pick up your order and deliver to you FOR FREE! The company is also partnered with AliExpress to deliver your items to you.

Shein Address

If you add your postal address, your items will be shipped to Posta where you will be charged lots of money just to get that order.

Step 6: Make your purchase

It’s now time to make that purchase. There are 2 modes of payment: Credit/Debit Card and Paypal. Use the method you prefer and that’s it!

Step 7: Sit back and relax

Now just wait for your order to be shipped, and once it’s ready for delivery, you will be contacted by Speedaf to confirm your address.

Step 8: Leave a review

Reviews are what helped you make the decision of purchasing an item or not. Be kind enough to leave a review to help the next buyer make a conscious decision.

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  1. It’s a question actually. Can I shop on Shein while in Canada and my Items delivered an address in Nairobi, Kenya?

  2. I did this and I paid 80% of the purchase price as custom fees. The items were delivered by Alamex. So expensive

    1. Wah..nisijisumbue

    2. Is it a must u pay ama??

    3. Is it a must u pay am u can just leave it

    4. Is it a must u pay ama?? u can just leave it

    5. Yeah same happened to me.

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