Wordle Now Aims To Synchronize Your Stats To A New York Times Account


Attention all Wordlers! A major update is upon us. The New York Times will soon let you link your Wordle stats to your NYT account. Instead of recording separate play statistics on your phone, tablet, laptop or wherever you access Wordle from, you will soon be able to synchronize your progress across devices via a New York Times account. If you don’t have one already, create one, they are free. If you already have a registered New York Times account, you can easily connect Wordle to your existing account. Currently, the online puzzle game doesn’t synchronize your stats across browsers or devices leaving you no choice but to use the same browser and device.

The news was reported on the New York Times Games Twitter account.

The New York Times have not stated a specific timeline on the arrival of the syncrhronization support. If you don’t see an option to link your Wordle account, just hold on and wait. The feature is on its way. Once the stats are linked to a NewYork Times account, the process cannot be reversed.

New York Time Buys Wordle

The New York Times bought Wordle from Josh Wardle, in January for an undisclosed price. Many users were skeptical on the new change, some thought that Wordle would lose its appeal, but the purchase was a good thing for NYT. The game has raked in millions of new users.

With the success of New York Time’s purchase of Wordle, some companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Spotify recently purchased the Wordle music spinoff, Heardle. This game allows players six tries to guess one song a day based on its intro sounds.

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