The Samsung Note Series Is Inevitably Dead, But Not Really

Samsung Note 10 Plus phone
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The Samsung Note was quite something. I say was because yeah, the Note is officially off production. I say quite something, but it wasn’t. It was more. I loved the build, the convenience of the S-pen, its sleek look, and the bright infinity display. However, the Note series was not updated in 2021, paving the way instead for the Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy Fold series.

The S-Pen factor

Back in 2011, the Samsung Galaxy Note merged the convenience and portability of smartphones with the expansive screen and notepad-like functionality of tablets. The Note created a legacy where a large display is now the standard across all smartphone manufacturers. Once every screen got bigger, the difference between the Galaxy and Note series was fading. The most notable difference? The S-pen.

“The S Pen also surprised everyone. It empowered people to bridge creativity with productivity – whenever inspiration struck, they could quickly write down their ideas and thoughts in Samsung Notes,” Samsung Electronics President says.

Evolution happened again with Samsung devices in 2019 when they introduced the Galaxy Z Fold Series. Last year, the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Z fold 3 received support for the S-pen. From the latest teases, speculations, and leaks, we are bound to see an interesting S22 Ultra device launched. Samsung’s President, Dr. TM Roh, has again confirmed much of that to be true.

“The next generation of Galaxy S is here, bringing together the greatest experiences of our Samsung Galaxy into one ultimate device,” Dr Roh.

Note Series Inevitable Death

At their Unpacked event happening in February 2022, the company wants to introduce the most noteworthy S series device. The S22 Ultra will be fitted with an S-pen, and it seems even the build will be just a Galaxy Note with a different name. Samsung sounds pretty confident, insisting that the upcoming devices will rewrite the future of smartphones.

Is it time to kill the Note? In my opinion yes. Inevitably so, Samsung had to discontinue one of the premium series. The Z fold series already offers them a new form factor to experiment with any new trailblazing mobile tech. If everything they are saying about the next device is true, then it just might be Samsung’s best smartphone upgrade of the past few years.  Hopefully.

“It’s part of the smartest Galaxy experience yet, delivering cutting-edge innovation throughout the Galaxy ecosystem while also blazing new trails with sustainable materials” Samsung unpacked website.

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