Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022: Here Is What To Expect.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022

The popular and highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event is slated for February 9th this year. It is yet another purely virtual affair, like last year during the unveiling of the S21 series. In their unpacked website, Samsung has teased the new devices, hinting at much of the line-up in store.

What To Expect From Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 series

Firstly, all their predecessors in the S21 series have 120Hz in refresh rate, so we immediately expect the same for the S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra. Additionally, they will feature the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, one that will most likely power all Android flagships in 2022. If not, the Exynos 2200 processors will be in place or alongside.

According to mockups, the Galaxy S22 is the smallest of the series, at 6.1 inches of display.  Likely to top out at 3800mAH capacity will be the battery powering the phone’s AMOLED display. The main camera in this device is a 50MP shooter, similar to its S22+ senior. In the Galaxy S22+, expect a 6.5-inch display running on 4500mAh battery power.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung’s premium device of the year, will pump things up a bit. Here, the Note-like design of the phone is already a seller, and the specs look powerful. It is a device rumored to replace the Galaxy Note, even sporting a stylus holder.

Furthermore, a large 6.8-inch display is expected on the front, punctuated by a 40MP selfie camera. For the Quad camera setup at the back, a 108MP main main lens is to call the shots. A  5000mAh capacity battery will deliver power here, assisted by 45W of fast charging.

Obviously, all the phones will run on Android 12 OS and the OneUI overlay from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

After much delay, Samsung might be adding more to the Tab S series. However, as early as February of 2021, we already knew that a Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise edition will be released too. This is alongside the Galaxy Tab S8, S8 plus, and a probable larger S8 Ultra.

Remember, the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event is scheduled for (10 AM ET/7 AM PT) or 6 PM in Kenya. What more do you think Samsung might have up its sleeve?

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  1. […] Having sampled the S21 line-up, the S22 should be quite the Android phone of the year. They have promised a lot from the company in the device line-up amidst many leaks, mock-ups, and expectations. You can read the expected line-up and specs on an earlier piece here. […]

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