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Instagram Finally Rolls Out Link Stickers To All Users

Image courtesy Instagram

It’s common for Instagram users to want to advertise or announce something that requires a link on Instagram Stories but not be able to properly do it. This is because Instagram has always made that only possible for those with a certain number of followers. That seems to be changing now as the social media platform is now making the link sticker available to everyone.


The platform had been testing link stickers in June but it was only limited to either verified accounts or those with a large number of followers.

As announced by Instagram, the stickers are useful especially for businesses that need to link out their products or anyone that wishes to direct people to external resources. However, the company acknowledged that it would come with some cons. This includes accounts repeatedly sharing pages with misinformation or hate speech. This is why the firm promises to block such accounts from accessing the link sticker.

The feature is only meant for Stories posts and there are no plans to bring them to the main feed, according to Instagram. To add one, you just have to tap the sticker tool from the top navigation bar after uploading the content for your post. Tap the “Link” sticker the enter the intended URL.

This feature replaces the “swipe up” sticker that was the only way for many people to link out to external pages. This was gotten rid of in August which many users were not happy about. But I think we now know exactly why that happened.

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