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How To Wirelessly Connect Your Smartphone Or Tablet To Any TV

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Our homes are crowded with gadgets now more than ever and finding a flawless way to easily share content between them would be awesome. Gladly with the tech available everywhere, you can do that easily.

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Linking up your telly with your smartphone or tablet opens up a number of ways to stream and cast media. Streaming your favourite YouTube video or Netflix movie, that you were watching on your commute on your TV is now easier thanks to the numerous devices and software available.

Most TVs nowadays are smart TVs – that is, they’ll come connected to internet apps like Netflix, YouTube and the like already – while you can also use streaming sticks or set-top boxes to get up most of the video or broadcasting content you would usually want to access.

But if you’re getting files specifically from your phone or tablet, want to use an app that’s only available on mobile, or would rather keep a play session on your phone going – rather than get up the respective app on the TV – we’ve got the answers for you here.

Connecting To The TV With Wireless Casting

No one these days wants to fuss over wires and cables. For that, there is always an option to use wireless casting.

Casting is the process of wirelessly streaming content from your phone or tablet, by connecting to the same WiFi network as your television. Smartphone apps like AllCast will be able to cast directly to the TV for you, though most modern Android phones (Android 4.2 onwards) and Windows devices (Windows 8.1 onwards) will support the Miracast casting standard.

With Miracast, you simply head to your phone’s Display settings, check under Cast and select Enable Wireless Display to check for nearby devices to cast to.

You can also use a streaming device like the Google Chromecast or Roku Streaming Stick, which plug into your TV’s HDMI port and can be connected to wirelessly by devices running Android 4.4.2 and above.

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  1. You’re not objective.
    Your headline says ‘how to connect any tv to a mobile phone’ but your brief and incomplete sentiments only refer to the obvious methods of connecting smart tvs with smartphones!
    How is this or will it be helpful to someone finding out how to connect a phone to an ordinary tv?
    Please let your headline reflect what you express. Besides, the information provided is general and basic and theoretical. How do you expect a layman to understand this and execute the instructions as explained?

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