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Fridge Energy Stickers: What They Mean and How To Read Them

Fridge Energy Stickers Explained

Typically, many of us tend to overlook the significance of stickers on our electronic devices, including manuals and other documents. However, in this instance, let’s concentrate on the Energy Stickers found on our refrigerators. These stickers hold meaning, and I am here to explain their significance to you.

Energy Stickers On Your Fridge

In brief, the energy sticker displays the annual energy consumption of your fridge. However, I assume you’re interested in more details. Let’s delve into it.

As you look at the stickers, there are a few things that stand out. That being the letters, the Kilowatt-Hour (KWh), capacity and noise level.

Letter Ratings

Those letters, i.e. A+++,A++,A+,A,B,C, are star ratings which tell you how efficient your fridge is. This is compared to other fridges of the same size and model. You can use these star ratings to roughly calculate how much electricity (power in KWh ) your fridge consumes.

For instance, an A+++ appliance will be cheaper to run and better for the environment. Anything below B is a crazy consumption machine and you should not buy it. Also, With fridge freezers, size makes a big difference. This is because the more space you need to keep cool, the more energy the appliance will use.

Kilowatt-Hour KWh

Aside from the energy class, you’ll find the annual estimated energy consumption in kWh on fridge freezer energy labels. On the label above, it states 256 KWH/Annum which is a good rating for any fridge.


These numbers tell you how many litres of space the fridge and freezer compartments of a particular fridge freezer offers. These numbers and their ratio will vary according to the make-up of the appliance. 

Noise level

Modern fridge freezers are pretty quiet. However, you should note that anything over 47 dB would be considered loud. Once you approach 60 dB, you’re approaching the noise levels of an average conversation, and of course nobody wants their appliances interrupting them all the time. 

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