All The Reasons Why YoWhatsApp Is So Popular


YoWhatsapp might not be an unknown name for you if you are using other WhatsApp mods out there. However, if you have never heard of it, it’s basically a version of WhatsApp made by developers who feel like the app could be better. The app is actually very popular and in this article, we’re trying to understand why. We will be talking about its best features.

5 Best Features Of YoWhatsApp App

Different Messaging System

Currently, the messaging system of the YoWhatsApp app allows you to auto-reply to messages and delete multiple messages at once. You can also set up automated texts to reply to your contacts when you are away.

The app also lets you send messages to an unsaved number. Something the original WhatsApp lacks.

Group Admins have more power

Group admins will be able to set the group name with 35 characters instead of 25 characters. (Now you can fit ‘Happy Birthday Sharon and Njeri’). You can also turn on and off the blue ticks on group convos. The group’s tab is also on a different page.

Inbuilt Security Features

YoWhatsApp also comes with security features like Do Not Disturb (DND) and an inbuilt app lock. This will secure your WhatsApp app and messages without using any third-party security app.

Also by using the DND feature, you can disable the internet only for the WhatsApp app which won’t let anyone disturb you. You can choose to unlock your WhatsApp via fingerprint, pattern or pin.

Mass Broadcasting and Forwarding

With the new feature in WhatsApp broadcasting, you can broadcast messages to 600 people. Normally WhatsApp allows you to broadcast messages up to 256 members. You can also forward messages to up to 250 people as well

Common Mods

It also comes with the latest WhatsApp features like custom wallpapers for each person. Here are some other nifty uses;

  • Modify chat themes: You can customize everything from how your home screen looks, to your chat bubbles, to how curved the corners on photos should be
  • Copy WhatsApp status of contacts.
  • Send pictures to up to 90 contacts at a time.
  • Determine who can call you or not
  • Hide blue tick, double tick, last seen and online status.
  • You can turn on Airplane mode for WhatsApp only. This means you will not be able to send or receive messages at that time
  • Hide view status and turn on the ”anti-delete” status feature

So as you can see, there is a lot of freedom when it comes to these mods. However, do not overlook the dangers as well. Read about them here. YoWhatsapp was made by a developer named was Yousef. **Fun fact, this is where the ‘Yo’ comes from.

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