Kenya Government Claims Hackers Approved 18 Illegal Buildings

Illegal Buildings Nairobi

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has reported that at least 18 illegal buildings approvals were made early this month. This is after Nairobi County’s online development plan system was hacked into.

Nairobi Illegal Buildings The Hackathon

According to the Business Daily, The NMS Director-General Mohamed Badi said the hackers were former City Hall staff who collude with outsiders to do the illegal approvals. After reports, the NMS had to suspend the system.

“The hacking is paving the way for illegal building approvals. 18 illegal approvals were done when the system was hacked into, forcing us to suspend it. The hackers are not strangers or outsiders. They are retired county staff who have access to the system.

It is clear they are now working with outsiders to do illegal approvals. It is however unfortunate that desperate city residents land in the hands of these conniving dealers and get illegal approvals,” General Badi adds.

To curb this from going on, Mr Badi makes it clear that NMS will not allow the construction of buildings that have not been approved by the Nairobi City County Urban Planning Technical Committee. The NMS has also handed over the e-construction system to the experts to look into the situation.

He also notes that since the discovery, arrests have been made and investigations are still ongoing.

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