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All the Apps You Need for Your Android TV


With advances in technology, our electronics are becoming smarter. From the TVs in the living room to the refrigerators in the Kitchen, there’s something smart about all the simple electronics that are slowly becoming complex.

One thing that has changed a lot over the years is the television. Not only has the display technology evolved but we now have smart TVs that run Android or any other smart TV software out there. Aside from Android being in-built into the TV, there are now TV boxes that users can purchase to ultimately convert their otherwise dumb TVs into Smart TVs.

Seeing that the most popular TV boxes run Android and there are also a number of Android-powered TVs out there, we’ve combined a list of a few Android Apps that are a must have on your Android TV:


This one tops the list because there’s a high chance you will be streaming sports on your TV. Gone are the days when having an overpriced satellite┬áTV subscription was the only way to go to watch a number of sports, live. Apps like Mobdro allow users to stream, not only sports but a number of Live TV stations including from around the world. Is it legal? Well, it depends on who you ask…


Second to streaming live TV, access to movies is a big deal to most people. Although illegal as it is outrightly considered piracy, there are a number of services that allow users to stream movies and series for free. As much as we recommend actually paying for the legal services, if you want to enjoy the benefits of having an Android TV without having to dig into your pocket, TeaTV is a great place to start. There’s also Kodi but it’s not as straight forward to install as TeaTV is.

Video Streaming Services (Netflix, iFlix and ShowMax)

Like I said earlier, we recommend sticking to the legal apps. Services like Netflix has already made a name for itself, it, therefore, needs to introduction. Newer ones such as ShowMax and iFlix have their own individual advantages despite lacking a huge catalogue as Netflix does. For instance, ShowMax has a number of local movies and series available, while iFlix has an impressive catalogue of local and international live TV channels that you can stream for free including Kenya’s NTV and KTN News for those who want to catch up on local stuff.


For the lovers of YouTube, having the app on your TV is a must. This allows you to cast your YouTube playlist from your phone to a bigger screen or at least stream them directly through the TV.

File Manager

This one is an easy miss. One might think you don’t need a file manager but wait until you try to connect your flash drive and your TV does not know how to handle the input. There are a number of file managers built for Android TV, so head over to the Play Store and select your favourite.

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