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Samsung Unveils Its New 2021 TV, Monitor and Soundbar Lineups

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Samsung Electronics today unveiled its 2021 lineup of consumer electronics set to launch in various markets around the globe. Launched at Samsung’s virtual Unbox & Discover event in South Korea were the Micro LED, Samsung Neo QLED, Lifestyle TVs, monitors and soundbars.

Speaking about the new products, Sam Odhiambo, Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung East Africa said, “At Samsung, we are proud to constantly innovate to improve consumers’ everyday lives. Over the past year, technologies that were once ‘nice to have’ have become a need, as our homes became offices, schools, gyms, and more.”

“The role of the TV in our lives has grown—and in 2021, Samsung continues to redefine the role of TV around the needs and passions of consumers,” he added.

The highlight of the event was the new Micro LED technology that is set to offer a groundbreaking experience for the company’s upcoming TVs. The new displays integrated with this tech will be able to prevent burn-in and stay vibrant over their lifetime.

Micro LED TVs are currently available in 110-inch and 99-inch sizes which heavily implies that they are in the premium segment. Samsung did promise that other variants including the 88-inch and 76-inch sizes will be launching later this year.

Alongside this lineup was the Neo QLED TVs that are also expected to bring in an impressive viewing experience. This is all thanks to Samsung’s proprietary Neo Quantum Processor and Quantum Mini LEDs that allow for ultra-fine light control.

“For decades, TVs were seen simply as a way to watch movies and shows; now, TVs are serving as conference rooms and fitness hubs. By taking advantage of many features for the first time this past year, people are re-examining the role that their TV plays in their lives, ” said Samsung Electronics in its launch statement.

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